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Yuka Matsuba

Tokyo, Japan

Yuka Matsuba does UX design in Japan, and she is absorbed in developing Alexa Skills outside of work. She is good at designing voice UX/UI.

Yuka set a goal of developing 100 Alexa Skills on December 2018, and achieved it on March 2019. After that, she makes speeches at various events to tell people about the pleasure and importance of voice user experience design. She also published her book “VUI Design Guidebook” at her own expense and sold over 150. In addition to this, she likes to write her blogs about information of Alexa and operates a website named “aoxa”.

Yuka is a member of Amazon Alexa Japan User Group (AAJUG) and one of the organizer of Voice Con Japan 2020, the largest voice conference in Japan.

Published Skills

  • Listen Japan(English)
    Listen Japan gives you an illusion which you are almost in Japan. You can enjoy four categories, Japanese Animation style, Game style, Wagakki, and Daily sounds.
  • Singing Japan(English / Japanese)
    Singing Japan gives you nostalgic Japanese music. You can enjoy Karaoke with old Japanese songs. Japanese-language version is 童謡カラオケ.
  • 今日の良い行い(Japanese)
    This skill makes a suggestion for doing a good deed each day. For example, saying words of thank for family. This skill is selected as Alexa Developer Rewards almost every month.
  • 瞬間英作文(Japanese)
    This skill enables us to practice translating into English with the questions which are different each time, and in different order of questions each time. This was selected as top 3 skills of VUI LEAGUE in HEROES LEAGUE 2019 in Japan.
  • すごろく脱出ゲーム(Japanese)
    Let’s escape from the room! You can play “Sugoroku Escape Game” with real sugoroku board which you can download from my website. This was selected as a finalist of VUI LEAGUE in HEROES LEAGUE 2019 in Japan.
  • お姫さまの国(Japanese)
    Let’s become a princess! This skill treats you like a princess and you can enjoy dance party with a prince.

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