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Juxhin Radhima

Milan, Italy

Juxhin Radhima is a digital entrepreneur with years of experience in software development, startups and growth hacking. His first approach to conversational technologies began when he was 16, when he started developing his own prototype of chatbot in C++. But the real breakthrough took place in 2016 when she decided to devote herself fully to the development of voice applications, with Amazon Alexa.

In 2018, simultaneously with the launch of Alexa in Italy, he started producing for his blog JUXHIN.COM ( articles, videos and courses to spread and educate entrepreneurs to the use of voice technologies, explaining why and how voice applications in a matter of years will help them and their customers. Within months of Alexa's launch in Italy, he developed Alexa Skills for companies and celebrities, up to international celebrities like Joe Bastianich.

In 2019, Juxhin decided to make a further contribution to the international voice ecosystem, launching its voice-first startup Ipervox (, which has as its mission: allow everyone to create voice applications, without the need of any technical knowledge.

Published Skills

  • Caccia i ladri: helps protect your home from unwanted people when you're not.
  • Joe Bastianich: this skill allows you to talk, in an intimate and personal way, but also to play with Joe in a journey of culinary skills and personality. 
  • Bulli Off: the bullying explained by the skill with the help of the association Time4Child within the project Palla In Rete. 

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