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Paulos Mesghina

Stuttgart, Germany

Paulos Mesghina is an accomplished voice user interface designer with extensive experience in creating multimodal experiences. He has dedicated his career to voice technology and has emerged as a thought leader and mentor in the field. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with aspiring conversation designers, and has been mentoring students on CareerFoundry for several years.

Paulos is the founder and CEO of Voiceagenten, a leading voice agency that helps corporations integrate voice technology into their operations. Voiceagenten specializes in identifying use-cases, designing voice-interfaces, and developing Alexa skills. Over the years, they have developed several own skills and client projects, staying at the forefront of their field by implementing new features and making them user-friendly.

One of their most popular skills, "Das ultimative Musikquiz - 60er bis 2010er," is played by thousands of Alexa users in Germany. Paulos and his team are committed to creating engaging voice experiences that delight users.

Paulos is also an active member of the German and English speaking voice communities, and he believes that community building is essential for advancing voice technology. He has participated in numerous conferences and events, and his insights and expertise are highly valued by his peers. Paulos Mesghina is a trailblazer in the field of voice technology, and his work is transforming the way we interact with technology.

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