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Bob Stolzberg

St. Louis, MO

Bob Stolzberg is convinced voice technology will revolutionize the way we interact with information, and he says he has his kids to thank for that realization.

”The aha moment was watching how my kids interact with this technology,” Bob says. “It’s second nature to them. They’re going to be the generation that doesn’t have cell phones when they get older, because they’re going to have voice services.”

Bob has worked in a number of roles across the technology sector, from engineer to evangelist. Most recently, he’s the Chief Innovation Officer of Saint Louis-based VoiceXP, which creates Alexa skills for enterprise businesses. And he tells his clients voice technology is rapidly becoming the third pillar of marketing for businesses, joining websites and social media as a must-do for connecting with customers.

“This technology will be everywhere,” Bob says. “It’s going to start by being in your home, in your kitchen. It’s going to be in your car, in your office. It’s going to be built into wearables. This technology has endless possibilities.”

Bob hosts the Saint Louis Alexa Meetup group, and he encourages developers who are new to Alexa to seek out community. “You need to lurk on the Tuesday Office Hours call,” he says. Next steps: get to work—and don’t be afraid to share what you’ve built. “Put yourself out there and ask for feedback,” Bob says. “Don’t be afraid to develop skills and then share them with people.

Alexa Skills Published

VoiceXP is a passionate and talented group of technologists that will build CUI skills for your business on demand. We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of developments in conversational user interfaces. We are watching a revolution in CUI as the number of ways consumers and businesses interface multiply.

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