Test Your Skill

The Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) includes tools to help you test and debug your skill. The types of testing you do is dependent on the voice interaction model for your skill type. Before you publish your skill, you can beta test with a small group of users.

Test for the voice interaction model

Use these guidelines for the pre-built and custom voice interaction models to test your skills:

The following table shows the most widely used test tools.

Tool Prebuilt Custom
Alexa simulator in the developer console
ASK CLI test tools
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) evaluation tool
Natural Language Understanding (NLU) evaluation tool
Skill Testing using Skill Management API for automated testing
Smart Home debugger
Smart Home test tools for automated testing
Utterance profiler
Visual Studio Code Alexa simulator

Additional resources

The following additional resources help you learn about testing an Alexa skill.

Concepts and procedures

Blog posts

Videos, podcasts, and webinars