Choose Pricing, Languages, and Distribution for In-Skill Products

This topic lists the price ranges, available languages, and distribution areas for in-skill products.

For general information about creating your skill for different languages, see Develop Skills in Multiple Languages. For details about choosing which countries and regions to distribute your skill in, see Select Countries and Regions for the Skill.

Languages and locales that support in-skill products

Your skill can provide in-skill product flows in the following languages – English (UK), English (US), French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT), Japanese (JP), Spanish (ES), Spanish (US).

You can implement in-skill products in the following locales – en_GB, en_US, es_ES, es_US, de_DE, fr_FR, it_IT, ja_JP.

Countries and regions that support in-skill products

The following table lists the countries and regions that support in-skill products.

Marketplace Supported countries and regions


IE, BE, BG, CY, CZ, DK, EE, FI, GB, GG, GI, GR, HR, HU, LT, LV, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, SE, SI, SK, and UA


AT, DE, LI, and LU




Price ranges for in-skill products

The following tables show the minimum and maximum prices that you can specify for in-skill products.

Minimum price

In-skill product type US (USD) UK (GBP) JP (JPY) DE, ES, FR, IT (EUR)

All in-skill product types

$ 0.99

£ 0.99

¥ 99

€ 0.99

Maximum price

In-skill product type US (USD) UK (GBP) JP (JPY) DE, ES, FR, IT (EUR)

Entitlement (one-time purchase)

$ 99.99

£ 99.99

¥ 9999

€ 99.99


$ 99.99

£ 99.99

¥ 9999

€ 99.99


$ 9.99

£ 9.99

¥ 999

€ 9.99