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One of the most important parts of the skill-building journey is the ideation and design phase, where you come up with an idea and brainstorm the best way to accomplish it. During this phase it is important to understand your customers' goals and how they can achieve them with your skill. Using this understanding you iterate on the flow, dialogues and experiences and test it with users before development and publishing. Once published you continue to learn from your customers by measuring your skill performance and iteratively improving the experience.

Skill builder journey

The aim of the Alexa Design Guide is to help you with this journey and equip you with the best practices and recommendations, as well as examples and assets, to craft delightful experiences for your customers. We want to share our learnings from customers’ behaviors and help you create a high-quality skill.

This guide starts with the principles and concepts that form the foundation of your skill. It then breaks down the anatomy of a skill in building blocks and components that allows you compose a rich and engaging experience.