Usage Limits on Hosted Resources

When you create an Alexa-hosted skill, Alexa provisions the following Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources:

Amazon sets usage limits for these resources. If your usage exceeds the these limits, you must reduce your usage, or you can provision the additional resources in your own AWS account. For details, see Use Personal AWS Resources with Your Alexa-hosted Skill.

Usage limits

Amazon limits your account to 75 Alexa-hosted skills. When there are 75 Alexa-hosted skills on your account, you must delete an existing Alexa-hosted skill from your account before you can create another Alexa-hosted skill.

For each Alexa developer account, Amazon sets resource usage to the following limits:

  • AWS Lambda: Unlimited free AWS Lambda requests used by your Alexa-hosted endpoint.
  • Amazon S3: 25 GB of Amazon S3 storage, and 250 GB of data transfer out per month.
  • Amazon DynamoDB: 25 GB of Amazon DynamoDB storage, 10M read and writes per month.
  • AWS CodeCommit: 50 GB-month of storage and 10,000 Git requests per month.

You can view your monthly AWS usage for your hosted skills on the Hosting page of the Alexa developer console. You can also see your AWS resource usage from the Code tab by clicking on the Usage icon in the toolbar.

If your usage exceeds these limits, you have 30 days to bring usage under the limit by moving at least one of your skills to a personal AWS account or other cloud services account. If you don't bring your usage under the specified limits, Amazon might remove your skill from the Alexa Skills Store. If Amazon flags your skill as abusing provisioned resources, Amazon might remove your skill from the Alexa Skills Store before 30 days.

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Last updated: May 01, 2024