Smart Home Security Overview

You can use the Alexa APIs to create Alexa skills that control smart home security devices such as cameras, locks, motion sensors, and other devices. You create smart home security skills the same way you create any other smart home skill. For more information, see Understand the Smart Home Skill API and Steps to Build a Smart Home Skill.


When you use the Alexa interfaces to build smart home skills, the voice interaction model is already built for you. The following examples show some user utterances:

Alexa, talk to my front door camera.
Alexa, lock my front door.
Alexa, arm my home in away mode.

Alexa interfaces for smart home security skills

The following are the Alexa interfaces that you can use to build smart home security skills.

Implement the CameraStreamController interface so that users can view the feed from their security cameras.
Implement the ContactSensor interface for devices that detect contact between two surfaces.
The DoorbellEventSource interface describes a device that is capable of raising doorbell events.
Implement the EventDetectionSensor interface so that you can notify Alexa when your security camera devices detect the presence of a person.
Implement the LockController interface so that users can lock and unlock their lockable devices.
Implement the MediaMetadata interface to manage media recordings from security cameras.
Implement the MotionSensor interface for devices that sense physical movement in an area.
Implement the RTCSessionController interface for devices capable of real-time communication (RTC), so that users can communicate remotely with their devices.
Implement the SecurityPanelController interface so that users can arm and disarm security systems, and so that you can report alarm conditions to your users.