Register Devices for Dash Replenishment

To enable Dash Replenishment in your skill or ACK product, register your device in the Dash console and identify the replacement parts or supplies. For details about how to update device information, see Manage Dash Replenishment Devices.

Complete the following steps to register your device. For an overview of Dash Replenishment, see About Dash Replenishment.


Before you start, complete the following prerequisites:

Steps to register a device for Dash Replenishment

To register your device for Dash Replenishment and define the replacement parts or supplies, complete the following steps.

  1. Register a new device
  2. Customize your device
  3. Create the device inventory
  4. Request replenishment IDs

Step 1: Register a new device

To register a new device for Dash Replenishment, you create a new device in the Dash console.

To create a device in the Dash console

  1. Sign in to the Dash console with your Amazon developer account.
  3. For Choose what kind of device you want, select ALEXA SKILLS KIT DEVICE or ALEXA CONNECT KIT DEVICE.
  4. For Choose a name for your device, enter a device name that identifies your device in the Dash console.
    This name isn't displayed to the customer.
    Maximum characters: 60
  5. For Choose or generate a Model ID for your device, enter the model number for your device, or to generate a model ID, click GENERATE NEW ID.
    This name isn't displayed to the customer.
  6. If your device is an Alexa Connect Kit device, for Enter your Device Type, enter the device type value for your device. You can find your deviceType identifier in your ACK configuration file. For details, see Download your configuration file.
  7. To create a new device, click Save.

Step 2: Customize your device

After you create the device, you configure the information about your device.

To customize the device in the Dash console

  1. To upload an image of your device, on Upload Device Image, click .
    Choose an image with a white or transparent background with a maximum size of 1 MB. The device image appears in low supply notifications, such as email.
  2. To add the device friendly name, open the Device Localization tab.
  3. Enter the localized friendly name for your device, and then click Update.
    The customer sees the friendly name in the Alexa app and in inventory notifications.

Step 3: Create the device inventory

In this step, you define the device inventory. For each consumable product that your device supports, you add a corresponding slot. For example, for a vacuum, you add one slot for the filter and one slot for the brush.

To create the device inventory in the Dash console

  1. To add the required number of slots, at the top of the page next to Device Slots, click , and then follow these steps:
    1. For SLOT 01, under Consumable Category, select the product category for the item.
    2. To add another slot, click + Add another slot, and then, enter an identifier for the slot. This ID isn't displayed to the customer.
      Valid characters: letters, numbers, underscore, dash.
      Maximum length: 64 characters
    3. Under Consumable Category, select the product category for the item in that slot.
    4. For each additional slot that you want to add, repeat Steps b and c.
    5. To delete a slot, find the slot name that you want to delete, and then click x.
    6. To save the inventory, click Save.
  2. Open the Slot Localization tab.
  3. For Customer-Facing Slot Name, enter the localized product type for the item in that slot, and then click Update.
    The slot name identifies the replaceable product type. The customer sees this name in inventory notifications.
  4. Repeat for each slot and marketplace.

Step 4: Request Replenishment IDs

After you define the replacement products, request a replenishment ID for each product. You include these replenishment IDs in the inventory interfaces in your discovery response.

If your device works with your manufactured products only, or you want to limit the replacement products to your manufactured products only, email your custom ASIN list to

To request replenishment IDs in the Dash console

  1. On the Request Replenishment ID tab, download the form.
  2. Complete the requested information in the form.
    To find your customer ID, sign in to the Amazon developer dashboard, and then open Customer Details.
  3. For each slot that your device supports, select the sensor type, and then provide as much information as possible to describe your consumable product and your sensor.
  4. Email the form to

An Amazon representative reviews the request, adds the replenishment IDs to the Dash console, and responds to you within seven business days. Also, Amazon adds the specified customer test accounts to the allow list.

Amazon provides a consumable product inventory ASIN list. Every ASIN on the list is available on the Amazon retail website for the marketplaces where you want to offer Dash Replenishment.

After Amazon assigns replenishment IDs for your slots, you can view them on the Request Replenishment ID tab in the Dash console. Make sure that you include the replenishment IDs in the inventory interfaces in your discovery response.