Get Started with the Alexa Skills Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

The Alexa Skills Toolkit (ASK Toolkit) for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is an extension that makes it easier for you to create, test, and deploy Alexa skills. The ASK Toolkit provides a dedicated workspace for Alexa skills in VS Code. You can create, edit, and deploy Alexa skills, create and preview APL documents, and test and debug your local skills with the Alexa simulator.

You can create Alexa-hosted or self-hosted skills with the Alexa Skills Toolkit. For details about Alexa-hosted skills, see Build a Skill End-to-end Using an Alexa-hosted Skill.


Before you can install and use the ASK Toolkit for VS Code, you must have the following:

Install the Alexa Skills Toolkit in VS Code

Use one of the following options to install the Alexa Skills Toolkit:

  • Install the toolkit by visiting the VS Code marketplace.

  • In VS Code, open the View menu and choose Extensions. In the search box, type Alexa Skills Kit. Choose Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Toolkit, and then click Install.

After you install the toolkit, close and reopen VS Code.

Sign in to your Amazon developer account from VS Code

Use the following procedure to log into your Amazon developer account from VS Code.

  1. In the activity bar, click the Alexa icon.
  2. On the Sign in page, click Sign in. The Amazon developer account sign in page launches in your browser.
  3. After signing in, return to VS Code.

Next Steps

Last updated: Feb 03, 2023