Local Connectivity Protocol Options for Smart Home Devices

You can connect your smart home device to Alexa with the one of the supported local connectivity protocols, such as the Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) mesh wireless communication technology. With these protocols, you don't have to build a Smart Home skill or connect a separate hub.

If you want to connect to Alexa over Wi-Fi with a smart home or video skill, see Understand Smart Home Skills and Understand Video Skills.

In this section

  • Bluetooth Mesh Support – Support for Bluetooth Low-Energy mesh, a wireless many-to-many communication technology designed to enable the control and monitoring of a large number of connected devices.
  • Matter Support – Support for Matter over Wi-Fi, a local IPv6 wireless connectivity technology designed to enable interoperability between devices made by different manufacturers.
  • Zigbee Support – Support for Zigbee, a global wireless radio communication standard designed to enable the control and monitoring of connected devices.