About Alexa Shopping Actions for Alexa Skills

With Alexa Shopping Actions, you can build a custom skill that recommends physical products with Alexa shopping. Customers can buy the recommended product or add it to their Amazon Shopping Cart without leaving the skill. For example, your role-playing skill might offer the customer the opportunity to buy the corresponding board game. Customers pay for products by using the payment options associated with their Amazon account.

You can include Alexa Shopping Actions in skills that use the custom voice interaction model. For details about the custom voice interaction model, see Create the Interaction Model for Your Skill.

What are Alexa Shopping Actions?

With Alexa Shopping Actions, you can create a shopping experience within your custom skill by recommending items from Amazon's retail website. You determine what products to offer in your skill. If the customer expresses interest in the product, you use Skills Connections to hand over control to Alexa to complete the shopping experience. Alexa presents the product information, including product title, price, and delivery estimates, asks for confirmation, and then invokes the requested action.

Alexa shopping supports the following actions:

  • Add the requested product to the customer's Cart. The customer can review the item later by visiting the Amazon retail website; they don't make the purchasing decision during the skill session.
  • Buy the requested product. The purchasing workflow incorporates various checks, including valid payment type, delivery address, and voice PIN authorization associated with the customer's Amazon account.

To start the action, your skill invokes the Amazon shopping flow. Here, Alexa guides the customer through the shopping action by using the Cart and payment options associated with their Amazon account. After the shopping flow completes, Alexa hands control back to your skill.


Alexa shopping actions are available in multiple locales and Alexa-enabled devices.


You can use Alexa Shopping Actions in custom skills in the following locales and languages.

Locale code Language


English (AU)


English (CA)


English (IN)


English (UK)


English (US)


Spanish (ES)


Spanish (MX)


Spanish (US)


French (CA)


French (FR)


German (DE)


Hindi (IN)


Italian (IT)


Japanese (JP)


Portuguese (BR)

To use Alexa Shopping Actions, Amazon requires that you certify and publish your skill in each of your chosen locales. For details, see Develop Skills in Multiple Languages and Define Skill Store Details and Availability.

Alexa-enabled device support

The following Alexa-enabled devices support Alexa shopping:

  • Echo (all models)
  • Echo Dot (all models)
  • Echo Show (all models)
  • Echo Spot
  • Fire TV

What does the voice shopping flow look like?

The following sample utterances show the handover from the skill to the Alexa Shopping flow, and control returned to the skill after the shopping flow completes. You can alter the dialog for the skill, but Amazon controls the dialog for Alexa Shopping.

Voice flow for AddToShoppingCart action

In the following example, the customer adds a physical product, a board game, to their Cart. The experience is consistent with the experience of a customer who tries to purchase something with Alexa Shopping by using a search term.

In the following example, the customer declines the offer to add the board game to their Cart.

Voice flow for the buy product action

When a customer buys a physical product on Amazon by using Alexa Shopping, the presentation of the product, price, and delivery estimates are like the Cart check-out experience on the Amazon retail website. Alexa Shopping Actions supports voice code authorization and voice profile authorization, where applicable. In the following example, the customer buys a physical product on Amazon.

In the following example, the customer declines a purchase action.

How to add Alexa Shopping Actions to your skill

You can add Alexa Shopping Actions to a new or existing custom skill. Complete the following high-level steps to create and publish a skill that includes Alexa Shopping. For details, see Steps to Add Alexa Shopping Actions to Your Skill.

  1. Enable Alexa Shopping Actions in your skill manifest.
  2. Update your voice interaction model to recommend products.
  3. Implement the purchase and/or add-to-cart flows in your skill code.
  4. Handle declines and purchase errors.
  5. Test your skill.
  6. Certify and publish your skill.


The following restrictions apply to skills that use Alexa Shopping Actions:

  • To use Alexa Shopping in your skill, customers must enable voice purchasing in the Alexa app.
  • To purchase products in your skill, customers must have a default 1-click setting enabled on their Amazon account.
  • You can't use Alexa Shopping Actions in child-directed skills.
  • You can't use Alexa Shopping Actions in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) skills.

The following products on the Amazon retail website aren't eligible for Alexa Shopping Actions:

  • Prime Pantry.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Products with customization features, such as t-shirt sizes or a subscription option.
  • Grocery and consumable products from subsidiaries, such as Whole Foods and Prime Now.
  • Video and e-gift cards.
  • In-skill purchasing products.
  • Products with age restrictions, alcohol, or explicit content might not be available in all locales.