Certify Your Dash Replenishment Device

There are two separate certifications for Alexa smart home skills that include Dash Replenishment: certification for the smart home skill and certification for the Dash Replenishment device. For Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) devices, there are two certifications, as well: ACK certification and Dash Replenishment certification.

Complete the following procedure to submit your device for certification. For an overview of Dash Replenishment, see About Dash Replenishment.


Before you submit your device for Dash certification, complete the following prerequisites:

  • Register your device in the Dash console, and then define device and slot names in each marketplace and language that you support.
  • Complete testing of your Dash Replenishment device.
  • Submit and receive smart home skill certification.
    Or, submit and receive ACK certification.
  • Rerun the tests with your production skill or ACK product and an allow-listed test account.
    After Amazon assigns replenishment IDs for your consumable products, they add your test accounts to the allow list.

Submit your device for Dash Replenishment certification

After you complete testing, you're ready to submit your device for Dash Replenishment certification. You certify your device in each region separately.

To submit your device for Dash Replenishment certification in the Dash console

  1. Sign in to the Dash console with your Amazon developer account.
  2. Scroll to find the device, and then, to open the device details page, click the row.
  3. Under Marketplaces, click the marketplace where you want to certify your device.
  4. Open the Certification tab.
  5. Under Device Setup Requirements, verify that all requirements are met.
  6. To submit your device for certification, click Certify Marketplace.
  7. Repeat for each marketplace where you want to certify your device.

An Amazon representative reviews the request and responds to you within five business days with the certification status and next steps.

Obtain the Works with Alexa Badge

After you receive certification, you can apply for the Works with Alexa (WWA) badge to display on your marketing materials. The badge increases customer confidence that your product integrates seamlessly with Alexa. WWA is a certification program that establishes your product's compatibility with Alexa, helping your customers have a better smart home experience. For details about the WWA program, see Works with Alexa Overview.

Last updated: Feb 28, 2023