Understand Smart Home Security Skills

You can use the Alexa APIs to create Alexa skills that control smart home security devices such as cameras, locks, motion sensors, and other devices. You create smart home security skills the same way you create any other smart home skill. For details, see Understand Smart Home Skills and Steps to Build a Smart Home Skill.

You can build an Alexa skill for cloud-enabled cameras that stream video and audio by using Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) or the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). Amazon recommends that you use WebRTC whenever possible. If you want to support 2-way communication, you must use Alexa.RTCSessionController.

The Smart Home Skill API follows the OAuth2.0 specification. Every request sent from the Smart Home Skill API to a smart home skill contains an OAuth access token in the request to enable access to the customer's device cloud. The device cloud must support the authorization code grant flow type. For details, see Account Linking for Smart Home and Other Domains.


The Alexa interfaces to build skills for smart home security devices use the pre-built voice interaction model. The following examples show some user utterances.

Alexa, talk to my front door camera.
Alexa, lock my front door.
Alexa, arm my home in away mode.

Alexa interfaces for security skills

Implement the following Smart Home APIs in your Alexa skill to enable users to control your smart home security devices. For ideas about how to combine Alexa interfaces in different products, see Get Started with Device Templates.

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Last updated: Apr 29, 2024