Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library

The Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library provides a set of sound effects that you can use within your skill.

Use the Sound Library in your skill

To use these sounds in your skill, include the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) <audio> tag in your full skill response. Enclose your SSML response within the <speak> tag. For example:

  This is Alexa's regular speech, followed by the sound effect named Bear Groan Roar (1).
  <audio src="soundbank://soundlibrary/animals/amzn_sfx_bear_groan_roar_01"/>

Available sounds

The following table contains all the available sound effects in the Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library, including the audio and the SSML code for each one. After you select a row in the table, you can listen to the audio for that sound effect and copy the SSML code. You can search the table or sort it by any of the available columns.

Category Name Duration

Last updated: Mar 31, 2022