Options to Test and Debug Your Smart Home Skill

Use the following methods and tools to help you test and debug state and other events as you build your Alexa Smart Home skill.

  • View Device State – View the current values of all properties of smart home devices that are associated with your skill and your developer account, and whether the current value came from a StateReport request or proactive reporting such as a ChangeReport.

  • Smart Home Debugger – View the ChangeReport, AddOrUpdateReport, and DeleteReport events that Alexa receives from your skill, including your JSON, and any processing errors.

  • Smart Home Debugger for WebRTC Skills – If you implement the Alexa.RTCSessionController interface in your Alexa skill, use the Smart Home debugger to see logs from your WebRTC sessions in real-time.

  • Smart Home Test – Run automated tests that send directives to your skill and verify that you set the state correctly. Available for some of the most common Alexa interfaces.