Alexa Shopping Actions FAQ

The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) answer your most common questions about Alexa Shopping Actions for Alexa Skills. For details about Alexa Shopping Actions, see Alexa Shopping Actions for Alexa Skills.

Customer settings

Q: Can all customers use Alexa Shopping?

To use Alexa Shopping, a customer must enable voice purchasing in the Alexa app.

Q: Which payment method does Alexa use for purchases within Amazon?

For purchases, Alexa uses the payment method associated with the customer's Amazon account. To use Alexa Shopping, customers must enable the 1-click setting. Customers can change their 1-click settings by visiting purchase preferences on the Amazon retail website.

Q: Where are the packages shipped?

Amazon ships the packages to the address associated with the customer's default shipping address for purchases. Customers can change their 1-click settings by visiting the 1-click settings page on Amazon.


Q: Are Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN) the same across all Amazon websites?

Yes. ASINs are the same across Amazon websites. You can test ASINs by using <Domain-Name>/dp/<asin> for the marketplace domain that you're targeting. Alexa Shopping Actions for Alexa Skills supports a subset of domains.

If you notice that a product's ASIN doesn't work across the marketplaces that you support, keep a table that contains the ASIN of the product for each marketplace. When you offer a product to a given user, extract the country code from the locale of the request. Map the country code to the correct ASIN, and then pass that ASIN to the shopping action API.

Q: Can I specify an ASIN offer from a specific seller account?

No. Skills can only provide the ASIN. Amazon provides a seller based on the best combination of provider, cost, and shipping for a customer. Customers can choose to add a product to their cart, and then sign in to the Amazon retail website from their desktop or mobile device to change the seller.

Q: Can I use an ASIN for an in-skill purchasing (ISP) product?

No. You can't sell ISP products with Alexa Shopping Actions. For details, see Restrictions for Alexa Shopping Actions.

Best practices

Q: Can I use Alexa Shopping Actions and earn money in my skill?

Yes. Any custom skill that meets the certification requirements can earn money in their skill. You can use Alexa Shopping Actions in a paid skill or include ISP purchases flow in your skill. You can't sell ISP products with Alexa Shopping Actions.

Q: What are the best practices for a monetized skill?

For best practices, see Design for In-Skill Purchasing in the Alexa Design Guide.