Smart Home Skill APIs

This section describes general Smart Home APIs that you can use to build Alexa skills. For details about the Alexa Smart Home Skill API, see Understand the Smart Home Skill API.

In this section

Implement Smart Home interfaces in your Alexa skill to enable device functionality for users. For ideas about how to combine Alexa interfaces in different products, see Get Started with Device Templates.

  • BrightnessController — Users can control the brightness of devices, such as light bulbs.
  • ColorController — Users can change the color of devices, such as color-changing light bulbs.
  • ColorTemperatureController — Users can control the color temperature of devices that support tunable white light, such as light bulbs.
  • InventoryLevelSensor — You can report the amount of a consumable that a device has remaining.
  • InventoryUsageSensor — You can report the amount of a consumable that your device has consumed.
  • PercentageController — Users can control properties of devices that can be expressed as a percentage.
  • PowerController — Users can turn their smart home devices on and off.
  • PowerLevelController — Users can control the power level of their smart home devices.
  • SceneController — Users can activate or deactivate multiple smart home devices that are grouped together into a scene.
  • TemperatureSensor — You can report the temperature for devices that sense the current temperature, such as thermostats.
  • ThermostatController — Users can control smart thermostats.
  • TimeHoldController — Users can pause a device.
  • Generic Controller Interfaces — General-purpose interfaces that you can use to model different components of a smart home device in your Alexa skills.