Release Notes and Known Issues

What's new in Alexa Web API for Games

Version 1.1 introduces motion and sensing APIs to enable you to add motion to your games on the Echo Show 10. For more details about these extensions, see Web API Extensions for Games Overview.

Known issues

  1. Echo Show 8 is reporting an incorrect window.devicePixelRatio relative to window.innerWidth. When computing the physical pixels of the device by multiplying the innerWidth by the devicePixelRatio, the result is off by 1, i.e., computed 1281 px vs true 1280 px.

  2. On FireTV devices, when exiting with the back button on the remote, a sessionEndedRequest is sometimes not sent to the skill.

  3. In-skill purchase flow sometimes doesn't resume the skill properly. Note: On FireTV devices, it's necessary to respond to the Connections.Response with Alexa.Presentation.HTML.Start.

  4. ThreeJS has a shader compiler bug with Echo Show (1st Gen and 2nd Gen) devices. See for a workaround.

  5. The volume level of TTS/sfx played through web audio is lower than that played through outputSpeech in the skill. To make sure that the volume remains consistent when you're driving audio through both sources, multiply the volume on the web audio buffer by approximately 1.4. Test the volume with your source audio files.

If you need help, you can find us on the Alexa Community #games slack channel.

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Last updated: May 01, 2024