Opt Out of ASK CLI Telemetry

Telemetry is the automated collection of usage statistics, systems data, and error logs. This information shows how users interact with the Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface (ASK CLI). This insight is useful in diagnosing issues, improving features, and developing new products and services.

Understand the types of data collected

Personal details, such as your username and email address, are never collected. Sensitive project information is also not retained. The telemetry data gathered complies with Amazon data privacy policies:

  • Usage information – General usage and performance statistics

  • Error logs and diagnostic analysis – Status and duration of command execution, including exit codes, internal exceptions, and failure reports

  • System and environment information – Programming language and version, operating system (Windows, Linux, or macOS), and environment (for example, integrated development environment or terminal)

Opt out

By default, the ASK CLI transmits telemetry data in the background. You can, however, opt out of telemetry at any time. To do so, open the following file and set the share_usage key to false.


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Last updated: Nov 29, 2023