Step 3: Configure the Service Endpoint

In the previous step, you implemented your smart home skill code as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda function. Now you must add the service endpoint to your skill configuration.

To access the Lambda function that contains your skill code, Alexa uses the Amazon Resource Name (ARN). The ARN defines the endpoint location of the Lambda function. To establish the link between Alexa and the Lambda function, you provide the ARN in the skill configuration in the Alexa developer console.

Configure the skill endpoint

In this step, you add the ARN that you saved in Step 2: Implement the Skill Code to the skill configuration. For the fictional smart home skill that you build in this tutorial, you add the default ARN endpoint. For smart home skills that support multiple countries, you deploy your Lambda function to multiple AWS regions and add the ARN for each region.

To configure the endpoint in the Alexa developer console

  1. Navigate back to your skill in the Alexa developer console.
    If you closed the skill page, follow these steps to find your skill.
    1. Sign in to the Alexa developer console.
    2. On the Skills tab, under SKILL NAME, find the my-smart-home-skill skill that you created in Step 1: Create a Smart Home Skill.
    3. Under ACTIONS, from the drop-down menu in your skill's row, select Edit.
  2. On the Smart Home page, under 2. Smart Home service endpoint, in Default endpoint, paste the ARN for the Lambda function.
  3. Click SAVE.

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Last updated: Nov 22, 2023