Display Template Reference

This reference describes specific information about display templates that you may want to include in your skill responses that create screen displays for your Alexa skill. To create a skill that supports screen display, see Create Skills for Alexa-Enabled Devices with a Screen. See Display Interface Reference for more information about the Display interface.

The body templates and list templates are designed to support a wide range of presentations. The following behavior applies across templates:

  • The textContent field contains primaryText, secondaryText, and tertiaryText.

  • Each list template must include at least one list item.

  • A hint can be included with BodyTemplate2, BodyTemplate6, and ListTemplate2, by use of the Hint directive. See Hint Directive.

  • For Echo Show and Fire TV Cube, the back button appears by default on each template, but can be hidden. The back button does not appear on Echo Spot, but the customer can achieve the same effect with a long swipe from the left. See Back Button Object.

The images shown below may not be to scale, and may not exactly represent what you see on the device.

When titles are displayed, they typically appear as headers, which are either left-aligned or center-aligned, depending on the template or the device.

BodyTemplate1 for simple text and image views

BodyTemplate2 for image views and limited centered text

BodyTemplate3 for image views and limited left-aligned text

BodyTemplate6 for text and optional background image

BodyTemplate7 for scalable foreground image with optional background image

ListTemplate1 for text lists and optional images

ListTemplate2 for list images and optional text

Display template elements

Other resources

For template-related information, see:

To build skills with screen display, see: