Certify and Publish Your Skill

After you design, build, and test your skill, you're ready to certify and publish your skill. To receive certification, your skill must meet Amazon requirements and pass a certification process. During the certification review, the certification team evaluates your skill based on criteria that includes functionality, skill interaction, policy, and security. After your skill receives certification, you can publish your skill in the Alexa Skills Store.

Review certification requirements and guidelines

Amazon recommends that you review the submission checklist as you build your skill. All Alexa skills must meet the Certification Requirements to be eligible to apply for certification and publication to the Alexa Skills Store. Your skill must also comply with the following guidelines based on your skill type:

Submit your skill for certification and track progress

After you review the certification requirements and guidelines, you can define Skills Store details for publication and submit your skill for certification. During the certification process, you can track the review progress of your skill in the Alexa developer console or follow the progress by using the Get certification review REST API.

The certification process includes policy, security, functional, and voice user interface testing. Allow at least five business days for the certification process to complete. Certification turnaround time varies based on the type of skill and the type of test plan that the skill requires.

After the certification review completes, you receive an email at the company email address associated with your Amazon developer account. The company email is what the account owner sets on the Settings > Company Profile page. If you don't receive an email, check your spam folder or update the email address associated with your company profile.

If the skill doesn’t pass the certification process, you have the opportunity to fix the issues in question and resubmit the skill. The certification team lets you know why the skill didn’t pass and the changes to make to correct the failure.

To view the progress of certification testing in the Alexa developer console

  1. Sign in to the Alexa developer console.
  2. From the skill list, under STATUS, locate the development version of your skill, and then, in the dropdown under ACTIONS, select Edit.
  3. Open the Certification tab, and then from the left menu, select Submission.
  4. Here you can view the skill status, an estimated date of certification, and the countries that your skill will be available in.

Additional resources

Use the following additional resources to help you learn how to certify and publish an Alexa skill. For questions about certification of Alexa skills and features, you can contact Amazon.

For smart home skills and devices, you can also submit your product for Works with Alexa Certification.

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Last updated: May 01, 2024