Index of Skill Types

The Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) categorizes skills into types based on their capabilities or features. The following table lists the available skill types alphabetically. Follow the link to each skill type for full details.

For skills with a pre-built voice model, users interact with Alexa by using a set of pre-defined utterances. For skills with a custom voice model, you define the utterances that you want users to say to Alexa.

Skill Type Voice Model Description Common APIs and Other Reference
Automotive Custom Build skills adapted to the automotive environment.
Conferencing Pre-built Build skills that give customers voice access to their business calendars and meetings. Calendar, MeetingClientController
Cooking Pre-built Build skills for cooking appliances. TimeController, TemperatureController
Custom Custom Build a skill with a custom voice interaction model. Request Types, Requests and Responses
Education Pre-built Build skills that enable students and their guardians to access information that you store in your learning management system, student information system, or classroom management app. Profile.Student, Grade.Course
Entertainment device Pre-built Build skills that control smart home entertainment and audio visual (AV) devices such as smart TVs and speakers. KeypadController, ChannelController
Flash briefing Pre-built Build a flash briefing skill to provide Alexa customers with news headlines and other short content.
List Custom Build skills that read and update a user's Alexa lists.
Meetings Pre-built Build a skill to search for and reserve meeting rooms. Reservation.Room
Music and radio Pre-built Build skills that control audio content streamed through Alexa-enabled devices. Audio.PlayQueue, Media.Search
Networking Pre-built Build a skill to model a home Wi-Fi network and the devices connected to it. Enable and disable internet and network access for individual devices. ConnectedDevice
Security Pre-built Build skills that control smart home security devices such as cameras, locks, motion sensors, and other devices. LockController, SecurityPanelController
Smart home Pre-built Build skills that enable users to voice-control their smart home devices. PowerController, ThermostatController
Video Pre-built Build skills that enable users to control video devices and consume video content. PlaybackController, VideoRecorder