Welcome the Newest Alexa Champions of 2020
Alvaro Sahun Pacheco Jan 21, 2020
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Today, we’re excited to welcome 26 new developers to the Alexa Champions program, a recognition program designed to honor the most engaged developers and contributors in the community. The Champions have played a key role in many exciting voice innovations, while at the same time sharing their knowledge worldwide through industry events, meetups, podcasts, publications, open source projects, and more.

Champions have the opportunity to participate in private beta programs, direct communication lines to Alexa evangelists, and more.

It’s a privilege to reveal our newest group of Alexa Champions, which include developers across five different continents and our very first Champions in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, India, Australia and New Zealand!

Meet the New Alexa Champions

United States

Heidi Culbertson has assisted in the development of AWS Certifications by serving as a subject matter expert for the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder exam. Learn more about Heidi.

Jenny Mero teaches school-aged children and those in creative fields to code and build voice-first apps. Learn more about Jenny.

Sarah Andrew Wilson is Chief Content Officer at Matchbox.io, the brand behind highly ranked Alexa skills that customers love, including Question of the Day. Learn more about Sarah.

Julie Daniel Davis created the Voice in Education flash briefing: a weekly briefcast that speaks into the realm of using voice in the educational landscape. Learn more about Julie.

Amy Stapleton is focused on building simple tools authors can use to create conversational story experiences with her company (Tellables). Learn more about Amy.

Einat Laudon founded Chatty Creations, a studio, and an agency for voice apps. Learn more about Einat.

Joan Palmiter Bajorek is Head of Conversational Research and Strategy at the Melbourne-headquartered digital voice agency VERSA. Learn more about Joan.


Teri Fisher is the host of "Voice in Canada," where he helps others to discover how to get the most out of Amazon Alexa. Learn more about Teri.


Vicente G. Guzmán Lucio is the founder of the leading Alexa meet up in Mexico: Ninja Alexa. Learn more about Vicente.

Great Britain

Ilarna Nche is the winner of the “Alexa Kids Skill Challenge” with her skill Music Bop Adventures. Learn more about Ilarna.

Fiona Kate Morgan is one of the leaders of Women in Voice, working to build the London chapter through in-person meet-ups and online events. Learn more about Fiona.


Daniel Mittendorf is the creator of Stream Player which is available in eight countries and four languages. Learn more about Daniel.


Juxhin Radhima is the founder of Ipervox, a start-up that aims to help everyone to create voice applications, without the need of any technical knowledge. Learn more about Juxhin.

Marco Tibaldeschi is the co-founder of Aloud.tech, a company that focuses on voice-first technologies. Learn more about Marco.


Sabrina Delale is part of the leadership team from Women in Voice. Learn more about Sabrina.

Dustin Coates co-hosts VUX World, the practical voice podcast. Learn more about Dustin.


Nieves Ábalos Serrano is Co-Founder of Monoceros Labs, an Innovation Studio focused on voice experiences and leads the Spanish Chapter from Women in Voice. Learn more about Nieves.

Javier Campos has received awards in 3 hackathons developing Alexa skills. Learn more about Javier.

Joaquín Engelmo founded Kini Software a blog in Spanish about Alexa skills development. Learn more about Joaquín.


Arjun Ganesan developed the APL Designer a tool to design skills with APL. Learn more about Arjun.

Ilanchezhian Ganesamurthy is an Alexa & AWS Community Leader and is co-organizer of Alexa Communities in Bengaluru, Chennai. Learn more about Ilanchezhian.

Australia and New Zealand

Sarah Shelley is the builder of 17 Alexa skills in multiple languages which include flying simulation. Learn more about Sarah.

Jarek Beksa leads New Zealand's first voice application studio: Sonnar. Learn more about Jarek.

Steve Bowden has won finalist prizes in two worldwide Alexa hackathons. He has published 19 skills up to date. Learn more about Steve.


Yuka Matsuba is a member of Amazon Alexa Japan User Group (AAJUG) and one of the organizers of Voice Con Japan 2020, the largest voice conference in Japan. Learn more about Yuka.

Hironori Takauma has published a book on developing for Voice Assistants in Japan available at amazon.co.jp. Learn more about Hironori.

Meet all of the current Alexa Champions in the Champion Gallery.

Learn More about Alexa Champions

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