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Alexa Skills Kit

What Is the Alexa Skills Kit?

The Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) is a collection of self-service APIs, tools, documentation, and code samples that makes it fast and easy for you to add skills to Alexa. ASK enables designers, developers, and brands to build engaging skills and reach customers through tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices. With ASK, you can leverage Amazon’s knowledge and work in the field of voice design.

Learn How to Develop an Alexa Skill

Explore our resources and learn how you can start building for voice with the Alexa Skills Kit.


Check out our on-demand offerings and sign up for an upcoming webinar to learn to build for voice. Learn more

Training Courses

Learn to build Alexa skills with these training courses by third-party education organizations. Learn more


Download an Alexa Skill Builder’s Guide to learn how to build engaging skills customers love. Learn more

Alexa Developer Blog

Visit our blog for the latest announcements, developer spotlights, and skill-building tips. Learn more


Learn to build your first skill or an advanced skill using our tutorials and template skills. Learn more

Alexa Events

Join us at an upcoming Alexa event near you to learn how to build compelling voice experiences. Learn more

Alexa on Twitch

Join our Alexa developer evangelism team on Twitch to see ASK in action and learn how to build Alexa skills that will delight your users. Learn more

Alexa Dev Chat Podcast

Tune in to hear Chief Alexa Evangelist David Isbitski discuss all things Alexa with rotating guests. Learn more

Agencies and Tools

Find an experienced team to help you bring your Alexa skill to life using tried-and-true tools. Learn more

Situational Design: How to Design Voice-First Experiences

Learn the subtle but potent ways voice UI needs differ from mobile and the web.

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See What Others Have Built with Alexa

Get inspired by these innovations, then start daydreaming about your own creation.


Tom Hewitson, labworks.io
When Tom Hewitson began tinkering with ASK, he never imagined his skills would make enough money for him to build a 6-person voice studio in just 6 months.

Gal Shenar, Stoked Skills

With more than 30 published skills and a 4.4-star rating in the Alexa Skills Store, Gal Shenar has “cracked the code” for building highly engaging skills.

Read more

David Markey

David Markey built the Word of the Day Quiz skill in a single day. Within a month of launching the skill, he earned almost $1,500 in Alexa Developer Rewards.

Read more

Oscar Merry, Opearlo

Oscar Merry says Alexa Developer Rewards have helped them perfect some of the “secret sauce” necessary to build profitable Alexa skills.

Read more

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