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Sarah Shelley

Adelaide, Australia

A Software Programmer with a passion to explore and try out new things, anything tech related, past and present. Building Alexa skills was a happy accident in the beginning, After studying how to build chatbots as part of self-directed AI studies, and discovering the Alexa world I quickly became hooked. Not because there was any monetary reward, but because it presented an opportunity to learn, explore and make skills that can help other people. Utilizing skills acquired across the board in Software Development, Psychology, Project Management and AI studies to build Alexa skills and joining Alexa communities around the world to be a part of something so amazing was a no brainer. It has been fun, exciting and so rewarding in itself. After building 17 Alexa Skills around the globe in different languages in games, yoga, sleep skills, a memory assistant, flying simulation, oxford dictionary and music skills, I have had the opportunity to learn other languages, build on existing coding skills, meet like-minded people around the world including in the Australia and New Zealand Builders club directed by the amazing ANZ Alexa Evangelists, Alexa Facebook groups around the world and being a part of the ever growing voice technology community on other platforms. I have also entered skills and participated in 2 Global Alexa hackathons in APL and ISP built skills. My main 3 mottos in life are to do what you love, never stop learning and give where you can.

Published Skills

  • X-Skyz Maze Runner
  • Hypnotize Me
  • Yoga Me
  • Think Twice Memory Masters
  • Take Me flying
  • Oxford Dictionary, Majesty words
  • Nature Streaming
  • Gaming Room Music
  • Merlin's World
  • Brain Master
  • Just Chilling
  • Inspire Journey
  • Hearts Desire
  • Whale Symphony
  • Dream Achiever
  • Mats Word Master
  • Out of this world

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