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Integrate Alexa into your next voice-enabled connected product. Alexa is always getting smarter with new capabilities and services through machine learning, regular feature updates, and custom skills. The AVS speech engines and features live in the cloud and are easily accessible via APIs, minimizing the design complexity of your product. We also provide software and hardware development tools to help you quickly and easily build Alexa-enabled products.

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AVS provides programming interfaces to access the cloud-based service from your product, regardless of its operating system. Each interface contains logically grouped messages called directives and events that enable your device and the AVS cloud to communicate directly. The APIs handle core Alexa functionality, including speech recognition and synthesis, and other capabilities such as streaming music, timers and alarms, notifications, weather reports, and skills—enabling your device to capture an utterance, process it in the cloud, and playback an intelligent speech response.

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Development Kits for AVS

Development Kits for AVS are reference solutions for integrating Alexa into your products. They include chipsets, voice processing technologies, and client software that leverages the AVS APIs to help you easily build voice-enabled commercial products while reducing development costs and accelerating the integration process. These solutions range in features, cost, and in use case, allowing you to select the best performing audio front end solution for your product needs.

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