Alexa Voice Service (AVS) developer tools are no longer generally available for Alexa Built-in. Please visit the Works with Alexa program if you are interested in building devices that connect to Alexa.

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Resources to Build with AVS

Alexa Built-in devices are powered by Alexa Voice Service (AVS). The AVS team manages the services and infrastructure required for Alexa experiences, and provides a suite of device APIs, SDKs, and documentation. Developers may also work with third-party solution providers to utilize a qualified AVS solution. 

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How AVS Works

With AVS, you can create on-device software that processes audio inputs, establishes a connection to Alexa, and manages interactions between your device and Alexa using APIs. The APIs include events and directives for interactions such as speech recognition, audio playback, volume control, and hardware control.

How avs works diagram

For example, when you ask your Alexa Built-in device to play music, AVS processes your audio input and sends it as an eventto Alexa. Alexa processes the event, takes action, and sends a directive back to the on-device software, which starts playing music, and finally sends an event back to Alexa confirming music is playing.


Explore AVS Features

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Device APIs

AVS provides APIs, or capability interfaces, that correspond to client functionality, like speech recognition, audio playback, volume control, and hardware control. Each API contains logically grouped messages called directives(from Alexa), and events (from your device). AVS also provides APIs for implementation steps such as authorization and HTTP/2.

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Device SDKs & Development Solutions

AVS provides SDKs to help accelerate your development with AVS APIs. The SDKs provide libraries that enable your device to process audio inputs and triggers, establish persistent connections with AVS, and handle additional Alexa interactions.

AVS Device SDK

Create new Alexa Built-in products using this C++ based SDK that connects your device to the AVS cloud and handles all Alexa voice interactions. Now you can use this latest SDK to enable Alexa in smart speakers and screen-based products that complement Alexa voice responses with rich visuals. AVS Device SDK includes support for Alexa Multi-Room Music (MRM), Communications, Video Device Control, Smart Home Camera feature, and Alexa Presentation Language (APL) visuals. Includes partial panels and full screen visuals for television and smart screen experiences and much more.

Overview | Documentation | Hardware Control | GitHub

Alexa Auto SDK

Simplify the integration of Alexa into in-vehicle infotainment systems. Includes C++ source and libraries so your vehicle can process audio, establish connection with and handle Alexa interactions. Supports Android and QNX operating systems on ARM and x86 processors.


Overview | Documentation | GitHub

Qualified AVS Solutions

Qualified AVS solutions provide pre-qualified building blocks for creating products with Alexa Built-in. They include chipsets, voice processing technologies, and client software that leverages the AVS APIs.

Qualified AVS Solutions Overview


The AVS console lets you register your devices, access device analytics, and additional resources. 


AVS offers registration, activity, and usage analytics to help you understand user engagement with Alexa on your device. 


Additional Resources


Start learning with our simple tutorial: Build an Alexa prototype with a Raspberry Pi.

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Reference our documentation for the Development Process, SDKs and Extensions, and APIs.

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Device Testing and Certification

Alexa Built-in devices must meet our security requirements, and pass our testing and certification process to receive the Alexa Built-in Badge. Learn more from each of our resources. 

Testing and Certification Process
Security Requirements
Badging Program

Authorized Third-Party Labs

You can use our global network of Authorized Third-Party Labs perform certification testing and independent security assessments to help with your device development. Authorized Test Labs (ATL) perform Alexa Built-in certification testing of your devices for you. Authorized Security Labs offer independent security assessments to help you meet the security requirementsfor Alexa Built-in devices.

Authorized Test Labs
Authorized Security Labs