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Qualified AVS Solutions

Qualified solutions for Alexa Voice Service (AVS) provide pre-qualified building blocks for creating products that are Alexa Built-in (ABI). The world's leading OEMs feature ABI on their compatible devices, turning them into smart devices with expanded capabilities through Alexa. Customers can ask Alexa for help with everyday tasks, facilitate entertainment, control their smart home, and so much more. 

Development Kits for AVS

Terminologies and Acronyms

  • AVS: Alexa Voice Service is the cloud-based service that allows device makers to integrate an ever-increasing set of Alexa features and functions into a connected product.
  • ABI: Alexa Built-in enables customers to communicate directly to Alexa using the Alexa wake-word on a compatible device with a speaker and microphone.
  • AMA: Alexa Mobile Accessory enables Bluetooth devices, such as headphones, speakers, and wearable audio devices to become Alexa endpoints by connecting directly with the Amazon Alexa app on a mobile device.
  • AFE: Audio Front End is the combination of multiple technologies created to improve the signal quality of an audio source, and ensures the “Alexa” wake word is detected in both quiet and noisy environments.
  • AFE_Silicon_Based: An AFE solution that contains a dedicated digital signal processor (DSP or MCU) with AFE algorithms integrated.
  • AFE_Software_IP: Software IP of AFE algorithms.
  • WWE: Wake Word Engine enables the device to recognize the wake word  “Alexa.”
  • WWM: Wake word model that is required by the WWE to recognize the wake word “Alexa.”
  • Voice-initiated: The devices that enable users to invoke Alexa by saying the wake word.
  • PTT: Push to Talk devices require a user to push a physical button to talk to Alexa.
  • FF: Far Field,optimal listening distance is 0-20+ft.
  • NF: Near Field, optimal listening distance is 0-5ft.
  • CT: Close Talk, optimal listening distance is 0-2.5ft.
  • AEC: Acoustic Echo Cancellation removes the acoustic echo component from the microphone signal so that the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine accurately understands the user utterance.
  • NS: Noise Suppression.
  • ACM: Alexa Calling, Messaging.
  • FFS: Frustration Free Setup allows users to set up their new Alexa Voice Service (AVS) enabled devices through a registered Echo device or Amazon Alexa app on their mobile devices. 
  • MRM: Multi-Room Music enables users to play music from a set of synchronized Alexa Built-in devices.

Qualified AVS Solution Table

The below solutions have all been qualified by Amazon. The list includes display AVS (smart display), non-display AVS (non-smart display), hearables and AFE solutions. Learning more about the various AVS solution types will assist you in choosing your best option for developing an ABI product. You can filter the results by setting the terms of drop-down list in each column. For example, to choose a SoC based non-display solution for a smart speaker, you can set “SoC” in column “System Topology” and "Chipset_Non_Display" in column “Solution Type”, then you can get your expected results.

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