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Immersive Voice Experiences

Alexa experiences at scale, in properties such as hotels, vacation rentals,

apartments, senior living, and much more.

What is Alexa Smart Properties?

Alexa Smart Properties is powered by a set of technologies that property owners and managers can use to deploy and manage Alexa-enabled devices at scale.

With custom skills, Alexa simplifies tasks like playing music, controlling in-room temperature or lighting, or finding hours of operations. You can select from thousands of Alexa skills or build your own custom skills and add them to select spaces in a few quick steps. Deliver voice immersive experiences, so you can delight your customers and improve your teams’ productivity.

Echo Devices

Enable indispensable Alexa experiences at scale

Building a connection through voice

With Alexa Smart Properties you can provide property-ready features so your customers can naturally engage with Alexa.  

Customize your experience

You can build customer experiences to reflect brand personality like default music stations, recommended morning work-outs, fun trivia, or inform customers of your hours of operations.  

Ready for the future

Bring voice technology to your customers. Alexa is always getting smarter, both for features, and for natural language understanding and accuracy. Alexa continually learns and adds more functionality, every hour, every day.

Optimize fleet management

You can provision a fleet of devices quickly, manage them centrally, and gauge aggregate analytics for your property

Private and Secure

All utterance history, voice activity, and personal data will be secured for the customer. Neither the integrator, property manager, or other third party will have access to any personal data about the customer.

No matter where you need a voice

Senior Living


Elevate your residents’ quality of life in their communities by enabling them to be more independent, empowered, and connected while streamlining workflows to help communities save time and money. Use Alexa Smart Properties to deploy and manage devices at scale.




With the Alexa Smart Properties Core subscription, deploy and manage customized Alexa experiences at scale, unique to you organization's needs.






Our healthcare solution makes it easy and cost-effective for hospitals and providers to care for their patients effectively and safely. Deploy and manage Alexa devices at scale and enable HIPAA-eligible Alexa skills, allowing care providers to connect with patients.




Our residential solution enables you to deploy and manage Alexa devices and experiences through solution providers in residential buildings and communities. With Alexa, residents can have voice-enabled smart home experiences from the moment they move in with zero setup.




Customize your hospitality experience so guests can access your services and amenities from the comfort of their room, using just their voice. Use voice immersive experiences to help your property increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve guest satisfaction. 


Build the new normal

Property requests

Order room service, find out about pool hours, or inquire about property-specific info.

General information and Local services

Get the weather forecast, check on traffic to the airport, find the nearest cofee shop, or listen to the latest news, and much more.

In-Property experiences

Ask Alexa to call the property manager, maintenance requests, or other property-
related contacts. Control lights, thermostat, lock, blinds, and more.


Listen to a favorite artist or music genre  or connect to Bluetooth to stream from a mobile device.

Alarms, Timers and Reminders

Set an alarm, a timer for how long the kids can watch TV, or a reminder for dinner reservations

Naturally invoke skills

Customers can make their requests the same way they would if speaking to a property staff member.

Different ways you can start building your smart property

Build It Yourself

Use Alexa Smart Property tools and APIs to deploy and manage Alexa-enabled devices at scale.

Work with a Solution Provider

Work with an experienced team to build a voice experience that extends your brand’s reach and deepens customer engagement.

Customize Your Alexa Experience

Want to build a custom Alexa experience? Use Alexa Skill Kit to build unique experiences specific to your properties.

Connect with solutions providers

Our network of Alexa Solution Providers work together to provide comprehensive strategy and development support for Alexa devices and skills. You can access a range of services including planning, voice design and creative, pre-tested reference architectures and hardware, software development, testing, and go-to-market support.

Interested in becoming an Alexa Smart Properties solutions provider?

Leverage Alexa Smart Properties to build solutions and services for senior living customers. Provide professional support for Alexa device fleet management, skill customization, and implementation solutions to hospitality properties. Our technology allows you to specify device settings like maximum volume, check device state, and remotely reset devices. Alexa Smart Properties technologies will enable you to build, market, and sell Alexa capabilities at scale to customers.