Connect Your Devices to Alexa

Alexa Smart Home & Alexa Gadgets

Connect your devices to Alexa and add voice to your big idea. With Alexa, you can enable natural and intuitive customer interactions. Add Alexa to your smart home devices to enable voice control of your smart cameras, lights, entertainment systems, and more. And build your own Alexa Gadgets or create interactive skills that work with Alexa Gadgets such as Echo Buttons. Start building with Alexa and redefine the way your customers interact with technology.

Alexa Smart Home | Alexa Gadgets

Alexa Smart Home Development

Connect your smart home devices to Alexa to reach and delight more customers. Use our built-in voice user interface to enable customers to control your connected devices from tens of millions of Alexa-enabled endpoints. And certify your products through the Works with Alexa program to make it easy for customers to discover them and to ensure an intuitive, hassle-free experience.


You can connect your smart devices to Alexa in one of two ways:

Connect via the Internet

If you connect your devices via the internet, you will also need to build your own Alexa skill using our Smart Home Skill API. This approach enables customers to control your devices with any Alexa-enabled endpoint without requiring a hub.

Connect via a Hub

If you connect using ZigBee and Echo Plus or a third-party smart home hub, you will rely on Echo Plus or a skill written by the hub maker. This means you do not need to build your own skill for Alexa.

Alexa Gadgets

Alexa Gadgets, a new category of connected products and developer tools, enhance voice interactions with compatible Echo devices. Alexa Gadgets are powered by the Gadgets SDK and Gadgets Skill API, which enable developers to build products and experiences that turn a compatible Echo device into a hub for interactive play.


You can build fun, Alexa-connected accessories and experiences:

Build Skills for Echo Buttons

Available through a public beta, create gaming experiences that respond to button presses and send actions to Echo Buttons, such as animations that direct the buttons to illuminate. Build games that allow customers to buzz in, follow a sequence or pattern, or trigger other forms of engagement with Alexa skills.

Create Your Own Alexa Gadgets

Select from a growing list of capabilities, like controlling your Alexa Gadget to move motors, flash lights, or trigger other actions based on customer interactions with Alexa. Program your Alexa Gadget to light up an LED with a specific color, move a motor when notifications are available, and more.