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Hironori Takauma

Osaka, Japan

I belong to R&D department of i-enter corporation. As a part of my business, I have organized various kinds of hands-on workshops and made speeches at tech events. Also I organized the developer community named ATLabo.

My favorite thing is to connect various types of services or gadgets with one others (People says “Gao-tteru” when they see my tech-geek but gifted behavior). 

Published Skills

  • まいにち咀嚼 (Everyday chewing)
    This skill plays chewing sounds for certain periods at random and those sounds are updated periodically (Chewing sound is the sound when people bites something foods). According to a reliable study, people feels cozy when they hear those sounds.
  • 堺マッスル(Sakai-muscle)
    This is a parody skill. This skill announces the station names of Osaka metro subway in Japanese and English. You can say your favorite subway line name in Osaka city.
    Alexa sometimes read incorrectly, but it sounds very funny. 
  • 早口マスター(Faster Talker)
    This skill repeats faster whatever you said. You can say your favorites words.

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