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Developer Console

Step 8: Submit Your App and Check Status

After you have successfully entered the required information on all six tabs, the Developer Console displays green checkmarks on all tabs and enables the Submit App button. You can now complete the app submission process by clicking Submit App.

If you're updating an existing app, you'll see a Release notes field on the App Information tab where you can optionally add some release notes about the update.

After you submit an app to the Amazon Appstore, the Appstore routes the app through its approval process before the app is actually published and made available for download. After you submit the app, a Review Status tab appears where you can track the status of your app submission. This page provides an overview of the approval process and describes the possible submission statuses for an app that has been submitted.

Overview of the app approval process

Before approving an app and making it live on the Amazon Appstore, Amazon verifies that it works as outlined in your product description, does not impair the functionality of the device on which it is running, does not put customer data at risk, and complies with the terms of the Amazon Program Materials License Agreement and the Amazon Appstore Content Policy.

The following flowchart shows the app approval process:

App approval workflow; text description is available in the expandable button.
Click to enlarge image.

After approving your app, Amazon sends an email to the address associated with your company profile. This email address may not be the same as your Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal account address. Please see the note about this at the top of this page, under Accounts and Correspondence in the section titled Prepare to Publish Your App. If after waiting for six days your app is still in review, you can optionally use the Contact Us form to seek clarification.

App submission status reference

Your dashboard in the Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal displays the status of every app that you submit to Amazon. The status messages have the following meanings:

  • Incomplete: You have not yet completed your app submission. The app is missing some of the fields required for submission to Amazon.
  • Ready to Submit: Your app is ready to be submitted to Amazon. You may change the metadata and binary until you click Submit App.
  • Submitted: You have submitted the app for review, and it can no longer be edited. At this time, you can cancel the request for review and continue to edit your app by clicking the Cancel review link.
  • Under Review: Amazon is reviewing the app. If you wish, you can choose to cancel app review and re-start the submission process.
  • Approved: The app has completed at least one stage of the testing and content review process and may soon be ready for publication. No changes can be made to the app while in this status. You must wait until the app is live before making changes.
  • Live: The app is now live on the store.
  • Pending: You will receive an email from our team explaining why the review process for your app was paused and asking you to perform some action. You must address the relevant metadata or binary issues before your app can successfully continue through the process.
  • Rejected: The app did not pass the review process. You will receive an email from Amazon explaining the reasons for the failed approval.
  • Suppressed: The app was live at one point but is no longer in the store.

FAQ for submission status and app approval

Q: How can I ensure that the app I submit will be approved for the Amazon Appstore?
Amazon wants to ensure that apps listed in the Amazon Appstore meet certain quality requirements and tests all submitted apps to verify that they meet the following standards:
  • All apps work as outlined in their product description.
  • Apps do not impair the functionality of the mobile device.
  • Apps do not put customer data at risk once installed
  • All apps comply with the terms of the Amazon Developer Services Agreement and Amazon's Content Guidelines.
Q: Will Amazon tell me when my app is approved or if it fails testing?
Yes. You can track the approval status of your app by signing in to the developer portal and finding your app in the Dashboard on the home page. Amazon will also send you an email when the submission status of your app changes under the following circumstances:
  • Your app has been accepted into the Amazon Appstore and will be made available on the date you specified in the portal.
  • Amazon requires more information to complete the testing process. (Your app submission might be missing a critical asset or a critical asset might not meet Amazon’s specifications.) Amazon will provide you with details on the information or assets needed to resume testing.
  • Your app has failed Amazon's testing process. Amazon will provide you with details on the failure and guidance on resubmission.
Q: What are the status codes for apps that have been submitted to the Amazon Appstore?
See App Submission Status Reference for a list of application status codes and their descriptions.
Q: There is a review of my app that I feel is inappropriate. How can I resolve this?
Click the Report abuse link below the review. The information you submit will be reviewed by Amazon, and we will take appropriate action.
Q: Why didn’t my launcher, widget, or lockscreen app go live for Amazon devices?
Amazon seeks to preserve a consistent customer experience on Amazon devices. If your app overrides the native user experience, it will not be published on Amazon devices.
Q: Are there any specific restrictions that apply to keyboard apps?
Yes. Keyboard apps must function whether or not an end user's device is connected to the Internet. Any tracking of user activity (including keystroke logging) through a keyboard app must be clearly disclosed to end users and may be used only to provide or improve the app’s keyboard functionality (and not, for example, for advertising purposes).

Last updated: Jun 09, 2023