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Developer Console

Unlisting an App Version from the Amazon Appstore

If you have a live app that has already been published to the Amazon Appstore, you have the option to self-suppress the current version of app. For example, consider a situation where you have an app where you discovered a major bug after the app was published. You can submit an updated version with the bug fix and a suppression request at the time time, which helps ensure that users only get the version of the app that has the bug fix.

Note that the app self-suppression feature only applies to typical Android app submissions.

Requirements for app self-suppression

The app self-suppression feature following requirements:

  • The app cannot be any of the following app types:
    • HTML5/Web app
    • PC/Mac app
    • Alexa skill
    • Amazon Underground app
  • The person suppressing the app version must have Administrator privileges. Note that other users will be able to see the Remove from Appstore button, but only Administrators will have the button enabled. See Manage Your Amazon Developer Account and Permissions.

If you need further help, Contact Amazon Developer Support.

Suppressing an app version

To suppress a version of an app that is available in the Amazon Appstore:

  1. From an account with Administrator privileges, click the Remove from Appstore button for the app listing.

    A pop-up window opens asking the reason for suppression.

  2. On the Reason for Suppression window, select one of the options for why you want to suppress your app. If you choose "Other", you are also required to provide additional comments in the Comments box.

  3. Click Submit to submit the request for submission.

  4. Follow the prompts and click through to confirm that you want to suppress the app.

    Amazon sends an email to all email addresses associated with the app, notifying them that a suppression request was submitted for the app.

    Additionally, Amazon will contact you within two business days to discuss your suppression request.

If a user installed the app before you suppressed it, the app will remain on their device after you suppress it because the app has already been stored locally on their device.

Last updated: May 05, 2023