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The majority of developers (65%) saw similar or better revenue than our competitors and 67% said that publishing on our platform provided access to new audiences.

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Our unique monetization programs boost customer spending by offering discounts on apps and games, without eating into your revenue share.

Pain-free publishing

Registering for a developer account is FREE and there are no hidden fees. Amazon Appstore also provides localized support for unexpected challenges.

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Developers love how simple it is to start building for Fire TV. Learn more about developing for Fire TV »

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Step-by-step guides to Android development

How to make an Android game

Our guide walks you through the process of designing an Android game, choosing a framework, working with art and sound, and marketing your game. Read now

Get started with Amazon Appstore

This step-by-step guide will show you how to publish your app across millions of Android devices around the world, make money, and engage your customers. Read now

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Publish your apps across millions of devices in over 236 countries and territories worldwide.

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What's new with Amazon Appstore

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Corus Entertainment and Fire TV

How the Canadian media and content company reached a newer, younger audience and delivered a quality customer experience. Read on »

Staged rollouts now available

Test your app in production to ensure your app is free from malfunctions and crashes. Get started »

Free eBooks

The ultimate guide to driving high-value actions

Learn how to increase engagement by encouraging high-value actions with your users. Learn more »

Competitive mobile gaming

Explore the esports and competitive mobile gaming landscape, and how they can benefit you. Get the eBook »

In-app purchases and subscriptions

Master the implementation and testing of the Amazon IAP API in your Android apps. Check it out! »

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