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Choosing a Category for Your App

Amazon Appstore categories allow users to easily browse to your app, even if they do not know the app name or do not know exactly what they are looking for. Users can access these categories by navigating to Apps > Categories within the Appstore. By properly categorizing your app, users will be able to find your app more easily, which increases downloads for your app.

How Categories affect Amazon Appstore Placement and Acceptance

Choose a category for your app based on your best judgment. Categories are used primarily for setting up the Amazon Appstore browse tree and for grouping together for Similar, Related, and Recommended app suggestions for users. The top-level categories are the same across Fire tablets, Fire TV, and non-Amazon Android devices.

If you do not see an obvious category to assign to your app, choose the one with the closest fit.

Amazon does not have any hard requirements for assigning your app to a category. Just remember that accurately categorizing your app is to the benefit of both you and your users.

Available Amazon Appstore Categories

The Amazon Appstore currently has the following categories and category refinements available for apps: