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App Submission API Overview

Use the App Submission API to create new versions of your existing Android apps on the Amazon Appstore.


The App Submission API is a RESTful API to help you manage your Android app catalog by programmatically updating your existing apps on the Amazon Appstore. Use this API to automate the submission of new app versions, or streamline frequently performed operations such as uploading image assets or updating APK versions.

The API syntax and workflow is similar to the Play Store API, to make it easy for you to adapt your current workflows for the Amazon Appstore.

You need to submit the first version of your app using the Developer Console. See Getting Started with App Submission for details. You can create and manage subsequent app versions using the App Submission API (note that some fields must be updated using the Developer Console, as described in Feature Limitations).

Supported Capabilities

The App Submission API supports the following capabilities:

  • Create a new Edit, which is a container to hold a new version of your existing app.
  • Update fields and assets in the Edit, including:
    • Upload updated versions of existing APKs, and add new APKs.
    • Upload image and video assets such as screenshots and icons.
    • Upload Fire TV assets.
    • Update app metadata such as Description and Customer Support information.
    • Add, remove, or modify app descriptions for each of your supported locales.
    • Update device targeting for APKs.
    • Set the publishing date for this app version.
  • Commit the Edit, which submits the new version of your app to the Appstore.
  • Delete an Edit. The Edit must be in draft state.

When you update the open Edit using the API, these updates are visible in the Developer Console.

We strongly recommend that you do not update the same Edit from the API and the Developer Console. If you need to update fields that the API does not support, submit the API Edit first and then open a new Edit from the Console. This approach ensures that you do not overwrite API updates from the Developer Console, and vice-versa.

Feature Limitations

  • You cannot change the default language of the Edits.details.
  • App information that does not change frequently (see the following list) will be set to the same value as the existing live version of the app. Use the Developer Console to changes the following information:
    • Content rating
    • Availability
    • Pricing
    • DRM
  • We allow only one open Edit for an app at any given time.

Excluded Features

The following capabilities are currently not supported:

  • You cannot use the API to create or update the LAT version of your app.
  • The API supports Android apps only. You cannot use the API for Web-based apps.
  • The API supports HTTP PUT for updating items. HTTP PATCH is not supported.

API Access

You need to configure access to the App Submission API before you can use it. To use the API, you request an OAuth session token. You add the token to the HTTP header in each API request.

Follow the steps described in API Authentication.

Last updated: Oct 02, 2023