Widget Information in the Skill Request

When your skill includes a widget, a request sent to your skill might include additional information about that widget. The details in a given request depend on different factors, such as whether the widget is installed on the user's device and whether the widget is in view when the user made their request. The request never includes information about widgets that aren't associated with your skill.

Widget visual context

The Alexa.Presentation[contexts] array contains an Alexa.Presentation.APL object that represents the Alexa Presentation Language (APL) visual context for a widget in view on the device at the time of the request. The array contains the visual context for each visible widget associated with your skill.

The object includes a presentationUri so that you can identify the widget. The object then provides componentsVisibleOnScreen, an array that provides you with details about the APL components the user can see in the widget.

The componentsVisibleOnScreen uses the same rules and structure as the visual context for a full APL document. For details, see APL Visual Context in the Skill Request.

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Last updated: Nov 28, 2023