Mixer (APL for Audio)

A Mixer component plays a set of audio clips at the same time. You define these audio clips using APL components. For example a Mixer with a Speech component and an Audio component generates an audio clip in which the text-to-speech and audio file content play at the same time.


Mixer is a multiple-child component. Mixer has the follow properties:

Mixer doesn't have any component-specific properties.

Mixer duration

The default duration of a Mixer component is based on the length of its child components. You can use the duration property on the child components to adjust the duration of the child components. For details, see the duration property.


In this example, the user hears Alexa say "Hello world! Hopefully these water sounds are relaxing" over the water sounds in the "nature_10" sound effect from the Alexa Skills Kit sound library.

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Last updated: Nov 28, 2023