Combine Visual Content with Alexa Speech and Audio

You can combine your visual content with Alexa speech and audio content.

Synchronize Spoken Text with Text on the Screen

When you display a block of text or a list of items, you can use the SpeakItem or SpeakList commands to read the content on the screen. You can create a karaoke effect that highlights each line of text as Alexa reads it to the user.

For details, see the Synchronize Spoken Text and Text on the Screen.

Integrate Visual and Audio Responses

With APL for audio, you can build a rich audio response that mixes speech with sound effects and other audio. Combine your visual response and your audio response to provide an engaging experience. For example, play speech mixed with sound effects when the user starts a game.

For details, see Integrate Visual and Audio Responses.

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Last updated: Nov 28, 2023