The Alexa footer responsive component (AlexaFooter) displays a hint at the bottom of a screen. This is intended to suggest other utterances the user might try. Use the textToHint transformer to automatically show the wake word configured for the device.

Import the alexa-layouts package

To use AlexaFooter, import the alexa-layouts package.

The latest version of the alexa-layouts package is 1.1.0. AlexaFooter was introduced in version 1.0.0.

Use the Other Versions option at the top of this page to see documentation for different versions of AlexaFooter. The table of parameters notes the version of alexa-layouts in which each parameter was added.

AlexaFooter Parameters

All parameters except type are optional.

Name Type Default Description Version added




Hint text to display in the footer. Use textToHint to add the correct wake word to the hint.





Colors will be switched depending on the specified theme (light/dark).





Always set to AlexaFooter


AlexaFooter example

  "mainTemplate": {
    "item": {
      "type": "AlexaFooter",
      "hintText": "Hint Text"

Use the textToHint transformer

Use the textToHint transformer to automatically add the correct wake word to your hint string. This ensures that the device displays your hint text with the user-configured wake word, such as "Alexa" or "Echo". Users can choose the wake word for their devices, so avoid hard-coding the word "Alexa" in your hint.

This data source configures the transformer:

This document includes AlexaFooter and uses the transformer output for hintText:

For details about how you use textToHint, see Use the device wake word in your hints in Combine Content with Backgrounds, Borders, and Headers

For more about transformers, see Transformers.