What's New in Music, Radio, and Podcast Skill API version MSK.2021.4

Amazon updates the Music, Radio, and Podcast Skill API quarterly to improve the experience for end users and skill developers. You can periodically check this page for announcements about new or updated features, bug fixes, known issues, and deprecated functionality. These announcements include implementation details and documentation to inform you where you need to make skill changes to support each new feature. For questions, contact your Amazon Business Development representative.

The Music, Radio, and Podcast Skill API version number reflects the year and quarter in which the latest new features become available through this API.

Version MSK.2021.4 introduces new features and capabilities for Alexa music, radio, and podcast skills.

The following features are available as of October 23, 2023.

Podcast notification support

Podcast providers can now send Alexa notifications to customers when new podcast episodes are released. For implementation details, see GetDisplayableContent request and GetDisplayableContent response.

No-code process for radio skills

As an alternative to coding a radio skill, radio providers can follow a no-code process by providing the streaming URLs and metadata for their radio station. To get started, contact rsk-onboarding@amazon.com.

Reporting and analytics

New reporting and analytics tools for music, radio, and podcast skills, included with the Alexa Skills Kit, provide you with self-service access to business metrics to help you deliver a more engaging and reliable skill experience for customers. Understand skill usage and improve the customer experience by viewing engagement metrics for music, radio, and podcast. See About Skill Metrics.

Podcast voice recommendations

Help your customers discover new podcasts by providing podcast recommendations. Customers can ask for generic recommendations, or ask for recommendations by genre or topic. To learn more, reach out to your Alexa Music representative.

Timeframe prompt improvements

The episode search by timeframe feature provides a contextual prompt that includes the published date in the text-to-speech response so that customers can get the episode from the date they requested. For details, see Implement Podcast Skill Features.

Previous MSK versions

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Last updated: Feb 09, 2024