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If you have questions about Alexa Skills development and certification that aren't answered in the Alexa developer documentation, you can contact the Alexa developer support team by using the Contact Us page in the Alexa developer console. After you contact the team, Amazon assigns a case number to your inquiry, and then contacts you at the email address associated with your developer account.

Prepare your question

Before you open a support case, gather information to include in the submission. Make your description as detailed as possible and include relevant information to help the team understand your issue, such as skill ID, testing credentials, logs, etc. For feature requests or general guidance questions, include a description of your use case.

Open a support case

To open an Alexa developer support case, enter information in the form listed on the Contact Us page on the Alexa developer console.

To contact the Alexa developer support team

  1. Sign in to the Alexa developer console.
  2. From the top-right menu, select Contact Us.
  3. On the Alexa Developer Contact Us page, under Type, choose the appropriate type for your question.
  4. Under Category, choose the appropriate category for your question.
  5. In the Subject box, provide a summary of your question.
  6. In the Description box, provide details about your question.
    Include as much relevant information as possible to describe your issue.
  7. To send the question, click Submit.
    Amazon assigns you a case ID number and sends a confirmation email to you at your Amazon developer account email address.

If you can't sign in to your Alexa developer console, please contact the Amazon customer support team in your country to report the issue.

Country Customer Support URL










United Kingdom

United States and other countries

Case resolution

A typical response time is two business days. To correspond with the Alexa developer support team about the case, don't reply to the confirmation email. Instead, click the link in the email to see your inquiry status or add further information about the case. After the case is resolved, you can still reply to the case or reopen the case by using the link in the confirmation email.

Amazon support timelines

Amazon strives to provide quick and accurate support to resolve questions. To protect developers and customers, Amazon declines requests that aren't consistent with Amazon policies. If the Alexa developer support team informs you that they won't take any further action on an issue, please do not try to reopen the case or raise the issue in other cases. In addition, the Alexa developer support team routes security-related concerns to the appropriate team. Responses to such inquiries will vary based on the complexity and severity of the issue.

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Last updated: Mar 26, 2024