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Promote Your App (Fire TV)

Fire TV Self-Service Advertising allows you to create and manage ad campaigns in the Sponsored row of Fire TV, providing an opportunity to acquire and engage new customers. You can create campaigns using the tile image already associated with your app, optimize campaigns yourself, and immediately review the results in the online reporting tools. There’s no additional work needed to prepare your ad campaign.


To use Fire TV Self-Service Advertising, make sure you have:

  • An Administrator role. You can find your role in the Developer Console, under Settings > My Account.
  • At least one app published on your account.
  • Set up a payment method. In the Advertising Console, go to Menu > Billing and payments > Payment Information to create a preferred payment method.

Create a Fire TV Self-Service Ad Campaign

You can find Fire TV Self-Service Advertising in the Developer Console. Follow the steps below to create your campaign.

  1. Go to App & Services > Promotions. Find Promote your app on Fire TV and select Create an ad. If you have not set up a payment method, you will be prompted to add your payment information in the Advertising Console.
  2. Add your Campaign name, Start and End dates, and Daily budget.
  3. In the Products section, select your app to add it to the campaign.
  4. Open the Preview section to review your campaign.
  5. In the Bidding section, enter the maximum you will pay when a viewer clicks your ad (CPC).
  6. In the Targeting section, select from the provided targeting categories to direct your ad to specific audiences.
  7. Select Submit for review to finish the campaign.

Amazon’s moderation team will review your campaign. If there is any issue with your campaign, you will receive an email from Amazon's moderation team. You can learn more about Amazon’s ad policies in Amazon Advertising.

Ad Placement

Fire TV Self-Service Advertising allows you to promote your app in the Sponsored row of the Fire TV UI. Ads are placed in an auction format, with eligible ads competing against each other using their specified bid. Your ad could appear in any of the tile slots within the row based on the bidding result.

You set your bid when you create your ad campaign. You can change your bid at any time from the All campaigns page in the Amazon Advertising Console. Bid adjustments are reflected within minutes of a change.

Manage Self-Service Ad Campaigns

After you create a self-service ad campaign, you can view, edit, and create reports in the Amazon Advertising Console. Ad campaign reports track the entire user flow as as it pertains to your campaign. For example, you can see how often users see your ad (impressions), click your ad (clicks), and install the product after visiting your page (downloads).

View and Edit Ad Campaigns

In the Advertising Console, go to the All campaigns page to view current and past campaigns. Click into an active campaign to edit the campaign settings.

When editing an active campaign, you can adjust the campaign name and details, refine the audience targeting, and adjust the budget and campaign end date.

Create Ad Campaign Reports

In the Advertising Console, go to the All campaigns page to view and export custom reports. Click Export to download reports. You can edit the display columns on your reports in the Columns drop-down menu.

You can customize your reports with the following metrics:

Field Description
Campaigns Your campaign name.
Status Indicates if your campaign currently running.
Type The type of campaign. For Fire TV Self-Service Advertising, the type will be "Sponsored Display".
Start Date The day your campaign begins.
End Date The day your campaign ends.
Budget Your specified budget for the campaign.
Spend The total click charges for the campaign.
Impressions The number of times ads were displayed.
Clicks The number of times your ads were clicked after they were viewed.
CPC The cost of the ad per click.
Detail page views The number of times your detail page has been viewed since the ad campaign began.
Downloads Total downloads for your app after users view the page.
Cost per download The cost of the ad paid per download.

Last updated: May 09, 2024