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Small Business Accelerator Program

Get benefits up to an amount equivalent to 20% of your Appstore revenue

What is the Small Business Accelerator Program?

The Small Business Accelerator Program allows developers that earn less than 1 million USD in total annual revenue in the previous calendar year to access additional benefits up to or equivalent to 20% of Appstore revenue. If eligible, you’ll receive a 10% increased royalty payment and AWS credits equivalent to 10% of your app revenue.

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Automatic enrollment for royalty increase

If you are an eligible developer, you will automatically be opted in and will start receiving an additional 10% royalty payment. This increases revenue share from 70/30 to 80/20. New to the Amazon Appstore? Start developing today.

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Add your AWS Account ID

If you are eligible, you’ll need to add your AWS Account ID to receive AWS credits. Sign in to the Developer Console to get started. If you are not using AWS, you can sign up for free.

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Create an account and submit your app to be considered for the new Small Business Accelerator program.
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Frequently asked questions

Developers who earned less than 1 million USD in revenue in the Amazon Appstore across all geographies during the prior calendar year and developers who are new to the Amazon Appstore are eligible for the Small Business Accelerator Program. New developers with custom agreements are excluded from the program.

A previously eligible developer that earns 1 million USD or more in the Amazon Appstore in the current year will revert to standard royalty rates and benefits for the following year. If a developer’s revenue falls below 1 million USD in a future year, the developer will be eligible for the Small Business Accelerator Program in the next calendar year. Read the Amazon Appstore Small Business Accelerator Program section of our website for more details. 

To start receiving AWS credits, you need to enroll in the Small Business Accelerator Program. To do so, log into the Appstore Developer Console, enter valid AWS account details, and agree to the Small Business Accelerator Program’s terms and conditions. Eligible developers do not need to take action to receive the new royalty rate.

Yes, the Small Business Accelerator Program enables you to receive AWS credits in addition to other benefits you might receive from AWS for being an AWS customer.

As long as you earn 10 USD or more in Appstore revenue in a marketplace by the end of a calendar month, you will receive AWS credits equaling 10% of that month’s revenues 15 days after the end of the month. Amazon calculates and issues AWS credits separately per marketplace.

For example, if your app(s) earned 1,500 USD in revenue in the United States in January, you would receive 150 USD worth of AWS credits on February 15. Developers earning less than 10 USD in a month in a marketplace are not eligible for AWS credits. For example, if your app(s) earned less than 10 USD in revenue in the United States in January, you would not receive any AWS credits. Revenue earned from the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 devices is not included when calculating AWS credits.

Monthly credit eligibility starts the day you enroll in the program. For example, if you enroll on December 10th, your AWS credits will be calculated based on revenue generated on Appstore from December 10th to 31st. 

Unfortunately, we cannot grant AWS credits based on revenue earned prior to enrolling in the program. You are only eligible to earn AWS credit benefits the day you enroll in to Small Business Accelerator Program. 

You will not receive AWS credits (i) based on revenue earned from the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 devices, or (ii) if the value of your earned AWS credits would equal less than 1 USD based on the prior month’s revenues in that marketplace.

No, the eligibility threshold of 1 million USD includes total annual revenue across all geographies and currencies. 

AWS credits are automatically applied to your AWS account, and can be used for all the AWS services and products you use each month. Any remaining credits will be carried forward to the following month but will expire 12 months from the date they were issued. Refer to your monthly earning report on the developer console for details on monthly credit issuance. You can also find total available AWS credit balance/information in your AWS account or via contacting AWS customer support.

Your AWS credits can be used regardless of geography. AWS credits will get adjusted into your monthly billing for any AWS service or product usage worldwide. 

You will receive a confirmation notification and email when the Amazon Appstore disperses credits to your AWS account. Log into your AWS account to check the credit details. You can also see your AWS credit earnings in the Appstore Developer Console in the Earnings & Payments section under the Reporting tab.

Adding your AWS account details on the developer console is easy. Simply visit the Payments and Benefits page, input your AWS account ID, and submit.

You can update and change your AWS account information in the Amazon Developer Console. Simply visit the Add Account page and make the necessary changes. There is no limit to the amount of times you can change your AWS account information. The AWS account entered in the Appstore Developer Console on the last day of the month is the one that will receive any AWS credits.

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