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Get Started with Live App Testing

This page provides an introduction on how to use Amazon's Live App Testing (LAT) service. For a conceptual overview of Live App Testing, see Understanding Live App Testing.

For an overview of the LAT submission process, watch the following video tutorial.

Create a Live App Test

To get started, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Developer Console Dashboard, sign in to your account and select your app. If you don't have an app listing for your app yet, follow these steps:
    1. From the top navigation bar, select Apps & Services > My Apps.
    2. Select Add new app and choose the type of app.
    3. Complete the New App Submission page, click Save, then go to step 2.
  2. Select Live App Testing under your app's name.

  3. If this is the first time you are setting up a test for your app, select Create a new Live App Test and skip to step 6.

  4. If you have previously set up a test for your app, when you select Live App Testing, you are taken to the Live App Testing dashboard. Click New Test.
  5. On the Create a Live App Test dialog, choose whether you want to copy the details from the version of your app that is currently live, or from the previous Live App Test, then click Confirm. You can optionally enter a name for your live app test.

  6. On the Create Live App Test screen, upload your app file and complete all fields in the Required Details section. Optionally, you can update or add a name for your test in the Live App Test title field. The name you choose will appear on the Live App Testing dashboard. If you don't name your LAT, the Developer Console uses the default naming scheme, which is: Test #X, where X is the latest test number.
    Shows the Create Live App Test screen. Required fields are listed next.
    Create Live App Test screen

    The required fields are listed here. To learn more about a field, click the name.

  7. If you have existing tester groups, select the tester groups you want to add to this test.

  8. Optionally, you can include additional details about your test. The optional fields are listed here. To learn more about a field, click the name.

    For certain optional fields, if you opt not to complete them, default values are used. The default values are listed in the following table.

    Default values
    Field Default value
    Availability All countries and regions where Amazon sells apps
    Pricing Free
    Accelerated Timelines Do not enable
  9. Your progress saves automatically. If you leave this screen and return later, all information in the completed fields will be retained. When you finish entering information, click Submit Test.

  10. After you click Submit Test with all required fields complete, a dialog appears that prompts you to add or review the tester groups that you want associated with this live app test. Confirm your selections and click Confirm.

Notes on submitting your test

  • The Submit Test button is inactive for users with only Analyst or Marketer roles. It's also inactive when your app is in the submitted, approved, or review state.
  • If there are any required fields that are incomplete after you click Submit Test, an error message displays next to the field with missing data, as shown in this image.
    Large icon is required

After you submit, you are taken to the Live App Testing dashboard, which lists active and past tests for your app. If you need to add testers, see Add testers.

Differences from standard app submission process

Live App Testing submission differs from the standard app submission workflow. The following fields that are available in the app submission flow, aren't available during LAT submission.

  • Customer support contact
  • Target audience
  • User data privacy
  • Long description
  • Keywords
  • Product feature bullets
  • Small icon
  • Promotional image
  • Video
  • Fire TV assets
  • Localized icons
  • Testing instructions
  • Amazon Maps redirection

To complete these fields, finish your testing and promote your app to the upcoming live version. After the app is promoted, the fields of the current non-submitted app will populate with metadata from the LAT version of the app. Now you can complete any missing or additional information before submitting your app for publishing.

Add testers

For general instructions on how to manage testers in your account, see Manage Testers. To add testers to a specific LAT, follow these steps.

  1. Select Manage testers from the dashboard.

    Live App Testing dashboard; Manage testers is clickable text
    Select Manage testers
  2. On the testers screen, select Add new testers. All testers must be in a group. From this screen, you can choose to add new testers or add existing testers from an existing group.

    1. Select the Add new testers radio button.
    2. You can either upload a CSV file or add testers individually. If you use a CSV file, list the testers with the format: E-mail,First name,Last name. If you add testers individually, use the plus button to add more. You can add yourself as a tester to get an invitation email and be notified that the app is available to download and test.
    3. Add the testers to a group by either creating a new group, or adding the testers to an existing group.
      • To create a new group, select Create new tester group. This opens a new field labeled Add new tester group. Click the checkbox for Add new tester group and enter a name for the group in the field.

        Add testers to LAT screen; Create new tester group is clickable text
        Create new group
        The Add new tester group checkbox is checked. Underneath is a text input field where you can name the new tester group.
        Name new group
      • To add the tester to an existing group, select the groups to which you want the tester added.

    4. You must have the rights to provide the testers' names and email addresses to Amazon, the testers should have consented to receive communications from Amazon, and the testers must be at least 18 years old. To confirm this, click the checkbox with this statement and select Add.
    1. Select the Add existing testers radio button.
    2. Under Existing testers, use the radio buttons to choose whether to add entire groups or select specific testers from one or more groups.
    3. After choosing the groups or testers, select Add.
    Add testers to LAT screen. The Add existing testers radio button is selected. Underneath is a radio button for Add entire groups and a radio button for Select testers from groups.
    Add existing testers
  3. After adding testers, go to the Live App Testing dashboard to view the active tests.
  4. If you haven't yet submitted your LAT, in the Actions column of the active test, select the menu button, then select Submit.

    Menu is open and shows options Edit and Submit; Submit is highlighted

You have completed the process. Testers receive two notifications, an email link and, if eligible, a push notification on their device. After submitting your app to Live App Testing, it can take up to several hours before your testers receive their email invitations. For more information, see Prepare App Testers.

Live App Testing dashboard

The Live App Testing dashboard is where you can manage your active tests and see past tests. To get familiar with the sections of the LAT dashboard, review the following image. Click the image for a closer view.

This is the Live App Testing dashboard. Manage active test and testers in the Active Tests section. View past tests is the Past Tests section.

To access the dashboard, go to the Developer Console, select Apps & Services > My Apps and find your app. Select the menu icon under Actions, and choose Live App Testing.

Next steps

Learn how to manage testers, prepare your app testers, and manage your tests.

Last updated: Jun 17, 2024