Amazon Incentives API

Give the gift of Amazon Gift Cards on demand

What is Amazon Incentives?

Organizations of all sizes use the Amazon Incentives API to distribute Amazon Gift Cards in real-time for use in employee incentives, customer rewards, and disbursement programs. From physical to electronic gift cards available in almost any denomination, Amazon Incentives offers flexible gift card options for your business. Plus, there are no program fees, and Amazon Gift Cards never expire.

Benefits of the Amazon Incentives API

  • Reward customers and employees for their actions in real-time.
  • Activate physical Amazon Gift Cards as you need them.
  • Take advantage of our most secure way to create and distribute Amazon Gift Cards.
  • Choose from a variety of products, including physical gift cards, email gift cards, gift card claim codes, or add funds directly to a recipient’s Gift Card Balance.

Use cases

Reward customers

Drive new business and earn customer loyalty by using Amazon Gift Cards.

Motivate employees

Recognizing employees with gift cards not only increases loyalty and rewards their performance, it ensures a positive and productive work environment.

Boost research participation

Increase participation rates and the quality of survey results with Amazon Gift Cards.

Simplify payment disbursements

Lower costs of disbursements and increase security of delivery with Amazon Gift Cards.

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