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Alexa for Video Publishers

Enable customers to engage with your app through voice on more than 100 million devices.


Alexa for Video Publishers lets you build experiences for customers to easily find, consume, and control your app’s video content using just their voice.

Why Alexa Video Skills

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Increase discoverability

Get discovered when customers search for genres or specific shows and movies.

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Improve launch speed

Let customers skip the manual typing and launch them directly into content from the home screen.

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Give customers control

Users can pause, play, rewind, fast-forward, and even switch between live TV channels - no remote needed.

Integrating Alexa with your app

Give customers hands-free control with one of our three integration options based on your desired customer experience and development effort.


The Video Skill Kit (VSK)

VSK lets customers use natural language commands to both find your content and control playback within. Learn more and watch the video tutorial.  

Note: This feature requires Catalog Integration prior to building.

The Media Session API

Let customers control playback via voice with commands like play, rewind, and pause.
Learn more

In-app voice selection and scrolling

Let customers scroll right, left, up, and down via voice instead of the remote control. Learn more

Developers around the world are adding Alexa to their apps

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